Whipmaker's Cord - Imperial Red

Whipmaker's Cord - Imperial Red

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Whipmaker's cord - coreless paracord. Has no inner strands. Manufactured in USA.

This is very similar to the 650 Paraline however it is slightly smaller measuring approx 3/16 inch (4mm) in width. Suited for whip maker's wanting a finer or thinner braiding cord. The cord is flat.

    • 100% nylon

    • approx 4mm wide when flat

    • mildew resistant, will not rot

    • lightweight and extremely strong

Custom Lengths and 1000 foot spools are also available - click in the "100 feet" box and select "Custom Length" from the drop down list and enter the number of feet into the quantity field (minimum 10 feet).

To calculate feet: just multiply the number of metres by 3.28 eg - 10 metres x 3.28 feet = approx 33 feet