Horse Rope

Cams Cords stocks a wide range of colours and patterns in Australian made equestrian rope in all sizes – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm & 16mm, as well as Genuine USA manufactured 6mm Paramax 

Horse Rope is manufactured with 100% polyester, crafted in a double braid pattern specifically designed for equestrian use. This kind of rope ensures maximum abrasion resistance.

The rope can be used for halters, reins, lead ropes and a number of other solutions. When it comes to finding the finest quality Horse Rope In Australia, as well as a range of other rope and tactical accessories, Cams Cords is the place to look!

The qualities Horse Rope

Despite the name, there are plenty of uses for Horse Rope thanks to the following qualities:

  • Highly UV Resistant
  • Colour-Fast
  • Fully Washable
  • Offers Low Abrasion
  • Soft and Durable
  • A friendlier option for the animals

Cams Cords can customise the length of your Horse Rope starting from a minimum of 10 feet (3 metres).


The highest quality Paramax options available

Cams Cords stock a wide range of thicknesses in genuine USA manufactured Paramax. You can select from a wide range of colours in 6mm all the way up to 16mm. Conveniently, all of these colours match the patterning in our extensive 550 Paracord range. 

Paramax has a slightly tighter outer sheath weave making it suitable for use in halters and a range of other applications in which you need a reliable rope.

Paramax is mildew resistant with a breaking strain of 545kgs. The inner core of four cabled strands is covered by an outer sheath which is braided from 32 nylon strands. This makes the cord extremely strong while also being very easy to knot and weave.


Customise your option

As well as choosing your length, you can choose between the 100% polyester or Paramax material for your Horse Rope.

The experienced and knowledgeable team at Cams Cords are always on hand to help assess your needs and find a practical solution to ensure you get the job done. We can even teach you the ins and outs of tying a knot!

We welcome everyone to come and check out our products to see first hand how durable and high quality they are. We have been selling these products for many years and have curated the finest selection of ropes and accessories available.

We wouldn't let our customers leave our store or place an order for products that are inferior, and our way of avoiding that is by only stocking quality.


Why you should get your Horse Rope from Cams Cords
With one of the biggest selections in Australia, you can turn to Cams Cord for Horse Rope, Paracord, Buckles, Marine Accessories, Webbing and more. All products are confirmed for quality, increasing the safety of those that use them.

Cams Cords always has the best options for you, be it buckles and beads to EDC gear. Simply tell the team what you need, and they’ll make sure you have a solution you can trust. On top of all this, Cams Cords places significant importance on the levels of service they provide. From fast delivery to high-end in-store service, communication, and quality guaranteed with every purchase, no matter the size. All online orders are packed and sent within 24 hours of email receipt for delivery across Australia and the rest of the world.

Speak to Cams Cords about all of your Horse Rope or Paracord needs today

The significant Cams Cords range means everyone finds what they are looking for, in multiple options. Be it Horse Rope, Paracord or a range of other tactical options and accessories, the Cams Cords team makes sure you are well-equipped when you leave the store. Every trusted solution comes with the Cams Cords guarantee, and we are confident in that as we know the proven performance record of our chosen products.

The finest quality options have been curated over many years of service from tried and tested suppliers. This means you have the peace of mind in knowing that our products can be relied on when you need them the most. Be it in-store or listed on the Cams Cords website, each piece is reliable and above all, great value for money.

Speak to our team today to find out more about the many options available. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff always keep across the latest releases and improvements in technologies within our sector to ensure you get the most up-to-date answers to your questions. We are very proud of our product selection and are more than happy to spend the time to ensure you get the right solution. Have a look at our selections today!