What if I want to make something but I am unsure of what to purchase?
No need to worry, at Cams Cords we have wealth of knowledge and experience which allows us to guide you in the right direction, whatever you require.

I am looking for a specialist to braid a product, can you help?
You have come to the right place! Cams Cords can help with that too PLUS we have access to a vast number of talented professionals who braid bracelets, horse leads, halters, whips, dog collars, dog leads, gun slings… you name it!

What if I cannot find the product I am looking for?
If Cams Cords doesn’t have it, we will actively work towards trying to get it for you at the right price. If you cannot see it on the online store, please contact us by clicking here 

I am a retailer looking for a wholesaler, can you help?

Definitely! All you need to do is register on Cams Cords. Cams Cords sells first rate products at a wholesale price in retail quantities. Remember, at Cams Cords, we ONLY supply high-quality products.

What makes United States of America manufactured paracord so special?
Paracord manufactured in the United States of America is mildew resistant and will not rot. It is extremely strong with a breaking strain of approximately 250kgs. Think the term ‘survival’ – USA-manufactured paracord it is that powerful. In fact, Cams Cords also specialises in certified Mil-Spec 550 paracord used by the military and defence organisations.


Since May 2012, the goal of Cams Cords has, and always will be to curate the highest-quality products in the world of Paracord and related goods. What began as a mere ten colour options has expanded to over 400 colours in a wide selection from 6mm, 3mm, 2mm and 1mm Paracord options. All our Paracord products are manufactured in the United States of America and confirmed for quality. From the significant colour range of 550 Paracord to accessories that include everything from buckles and beads to EDC gear, Cams Cords has the best options for you.


Cams Cords’ first priority is customers and service. Fast delivery of your products and high-end service with plenty of communication is guaranteed with every order, regardless of the size. We aim to pack and dispatch all orders within 24 hours of email receipt delivery Australia and Worldwide.


Paracord can be used for lanyards, bracelets, keychains, and more, from everyday carry to emergency situations. This slim nylon rope has 7 inner strands of nylon, cabled with 2 or 3 threads which can be unravelled for many different uses.

Originally used for suspension lines on parachutes, several military branches use Paracord due to its versatility. Astronauts even used it to help repair the Hubble Space Telescope!

There are several different uses for Paracord, here are the top 5 reasons to always have some on you:

1. It’s valuable in emergency situations
Paracord is very handy in a range of emergency situations. From rigging a shelter to using the inner threads for robust repair, carrying Paracord on your outdoor adventures is a simple form of insurance that you cannot ignore.

2. It provides serious grip solution in all sizes
The material that makes up Paracord is slightly elastic, which allows for snug wrapping around anything which requires good grip. From small handles to larger securing and fastening, you can rely on Paracord across a large range of applications.

3. It personalises your gear
Paracord offers a significant range of colours and patterns, so you can personalise your EDC, and set a certain theme without having to sacrifice functionality. Just because something is reliable and a must-have when facing the wild, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good at the same time!

4. It offers fast retrieval from your pocket
Most knives have a lanyard hole which pairs perfectly with some Paracord. Creating a Paracord lanyard works well for those who like to carry a pocket knife without a clip. Lanyards of varying shapes and patterns are easy to create for more grip on your tool.

5. It adds visibility
By using brightly coloured Paracord, the visibility of your gear increases, making essentials easier to find. From bags to tools and pouches, you can make all of your gear highly visible when needed.