Starter Kit - Camo

Starter Kit - Camo

Regular price $9.90
Starter Kit - colours

Starter Kit - colours

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Paracord Jig - Advanced

Paracord Jig - Advanced

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Paracord Fid Kit - 9 pieces

Paracord Fid Kit - 9 pieces

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Holiday Paracord Jig Kit

Holiday Paracord Jig Kit

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Paracord and Monkey Fist Jig- Metal

Paracord and Monkey Fist Jig- Metal

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Starter Jig Kit - Wooden jig

Starter Jig Kit - Wooden jig

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Holiday Rainbow 3mm Kit

Holiday Rainbow 3mm Kit

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Holiday Rainbow 2mm Kit

Holiday Rainbow 2mm Kit

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Rainbow - 3mm cord

Rainbow - 3mm cord

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Rope Splicing tool

Rope Splicing tool

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SCRATCH & DENT Paracord Jig - Advanced

SCRATCH & DENT Paracord Jig - Advanced

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SUPPLYING ONLY HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS! Specialising in 550 Paracord manufactured in the USA, Australian-made Horse Ropes, Marine Ropes, Webbing and Accessories.

Cams Cords supplies the best products to their customers. ALL our products are high-quality, and we like to keep it that way. Cams Cords specialises in USA-manufactured 550 paracord, horse ropes, marine ropes, webbing, and accessories.

Cams Cords was established back in May 2012 by Cameron Taylor. Located in Greenbank, Cams Cords is a small home-based independent business.

Cams Cords strives to remain independent, catering to their customers for their paracord needs with an extensive colour range of over 470 colours and a wide range of accessories.

We supply everything from buckles and beads to EDC gear.

550 Paracord

Horse Rope


550 Paracord Horse Rope- 6mm Accessories

Manufactured in the USA, our Paracord has an inner core that not only adds strength to the overall product integrity. Sections of the core can be used as sewing thread, fishing lines and much more. Paracord is great for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, tactical, survival bracelets, horse leads, halters and reins dog leads, collars and much more. We should also mention that Cams Cords carries over 470 colours in USA 550 Paracord.

Manufactured right here in Australia, the horse rope we supply is made from 100% polyester with a double braid construction. Designed for maximum abrasion resistance our polyester is pure and is in excellent quality. There is no need to worry when it has been used in mud, sand or dirt. We only sell horse rope that is UV Resistant, Colour Fast, Fully Washable, has low abrasion, is soft and durable, and most importantly kind to animals.

Cam Cords accessories include buckles, snap and trigger hooks. At Cams Cords we also sell webbing and webbing fittings.

Cams Cords webbing is 100% high tenacity polyester webbing. The most common uses for this type of webbing are for pet products, especially dog and cat collars and leads. Cams Cords webbing is made in Australia.



“I ordered several 10ft lengths of paracord for bracelet making as well as a bag of assorted cut offs. The colours were all unique and looked like they were packed with care. All were phenomenally priced and arrived very quick. He sent an email to let me know when it was shipped as well. I will definitely order from him again!” – Fife

“I decided to shop online as the physical store is over an hour return trip for me. I needed up speaking to Cameron on the phone and he was really helpful and gave me the practical advice I needed to finalise my order. I am a very happy customer.” – Jan

“Excellent and friendly service.” – Greg Turner

“A wide selection of cord colours and types. The staff was very helpful and provided heaps of assistance.” – Chris Spillane

“Cameron is a real down to earth bloke that is always willing to help with the right items for the job, highly recommend.” – TTW Bushcraft and Outdoors

“Fantastic service, fast postage and always wonderful products! A fantastic company that is always happy to provide advice and has great product knowledge.” – Angie Duncan


With a speedy turn-around of your order, Cams Cords provides high-end top-notch service and ensures there is plenty of communication with you. Every order is appreciated and treated with the highest priority regardless of size.

Cams Cords understands the customer’s needs and wants. When a product is ordered, we are straight on to it and are here to deliver great service!

Cams Cords packs your order and shipping takes place within 24 hours of your purchase.

Our number one priority is to look after you, the customer! Tell us what you need and we will endeavour to look after you. Cams cords ships anywhere in australia and worldwide!


Can I visit your store?
Yes, you can! Cams Cords is located at Greenbank on the Southside of Brisbane. Cams Cords is a home-based business supplying only high-quality products. All you need to do is call in advance to book an appointment. Cam likes to call his store ‘one big lolly shop’. It is full of surprises with loads of stock. You will have fun looking around.

Why do I need to book an appointment with Cams Cords?
We like to prioritise our customers by putting you first and giving you attention and any required assistance without interruptions. Cams Cords is all about 100% customer satisfaction.

What if I want to make something but I am unsure of what to purchase?
No need to worry, at Cams Cords we have wealth of knowledge and experience which allows us to guide you in the right direction, whatever you require.

I am looking for a specialist to braid a product, can you help?
You have come to the right place! Cams Cords can help with that too PLUS we have access to a vast number of talented professionals who braid bracelets, horse leads, halters, whips, dog collars, dog leads, gun slings… you name it!

What if I cannot find the product I am looking for?
If Cams Cords doesn’t have it, we will actively work towards trying to get it for you at the right price. If you cannot see it on the online store, please don’t hesitate to give Cams Cords a call on 0431 566 550.

I am a retailer looking for a wholesaler, can you help?
Definitely! All you need to do is register on Cams Cords. Cams Cords sells first rate products at a wholesale price in retail quantities. Remember, at Cams Cords, we ONLY supply high-quality products.

What makes United States of America manufactured paracord so special?
Paracord manufactured in the United States of America is mildew resistant and will not rot. It is extremely strong with a breaking strain of approximately 250kgs. Think the term ‘survival’ – USA-manufactured paracord it is that powerful. In fact, Cams Cords also specialises in certified Mil-Spec 550 paracord used by the military and defence organisations.

Cams Cords is here to help, so c’mon, try us for some of the best service, expertise and exceptional product range! You won’t be disappointed.



Give Cameron a call on 0431 566 550 or send an email

If you are wanting to drop in and check us out all you need to do is give Cameron a call and book an appointment. Cams Cords only takes one customer at a time to ensure that we can answer all of your questions and help give you advice.

Address: 48-50 Argyle Road, Greenbank QLD 4124

At Cams Cords, we strive to make our customers’ online shopping experience as simple as it can be. Cameron is open to any questions his customers may have. If you are needing a product made don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss the products you require and when you need it by.

All the products we make at Cams Cords are hand braided.


We enjoy sharing our high-quality products on social media, including YOURS!
We will share the beautiful products you have made using Cams Cords materials with our close followers. All you need to do is send him an email with a photo. At Cams Cords we are all about supporting our customers.

We also love sharing ideas with his followers, particularly for those who are looking at starting their very own business whether it is in jewellery making or something else that may be of interest to his followers. Follow us here and we will be more than happy to show you some useful tips and tricks.