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Military Specification - MIL-C-5040 Type III Paracord - 100% nylon. Manufactured in USA


  • 100% nylon

  • 4mm diameter

  • mildew resistant, will not rot

  • lightweight and extremely strong

  • certified breaking strain approx 250kgs

It has an inner core of 7 cabled strands - one cabled stand is colour coded to indicate that the cord has been manufactured by a USA Government Certified Manufacturer.

The tri-coloured internal strand is the actual identification marker for the manufacturer. Military personnel and veterans worldwide trust this paracord. It has an inner core of 7 cabled strands and is covered by an outer sheath braided from 32 nylon strands.

To calculate feet: just multiply the number of metres by 3.28 eg - 10 metres x 3.28 feet = approx 33 feet