Brass Turks Head Paracord Lacing Fid

Brass Turks Head Paracord Lacing Fid

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Brass Turks Head specialist's fid/needle.

Professional paracordist's tool - high quality slimline design specifically to help getting into tight places, weaving around mandrels and finishing off Turks Heads knots on whip handles. 

Simply melt the end of your paracord to a point and screw the cord into the back of the fid. These fids will take 550 paracord and 3mm Macrame (425 Tactical) cords. 

They have a longer flat blade to slide further under your work and a shorter shank than the standard fid.


  • Overall length:    60mm
  • Blade length :     40mm

Made in Australia and these are an exceptional tool. 

Cams Cords highly recommends these for all paracordists.