Blackberry - 2mm Micro

Blackberry - 2mm Micro

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Micro-cord - 100% nylon. Manufactured in USA

It has an inner core of 1 cabled strands and is covered by an outer sheath braided from 16 nylon strands.

This style cord has a very wide range of intended uses, including zipper pulls, apparel, draw cords, small dog and cat leashes, remote control glider tow lines as well as many more.


  • Diameter - 2mm
  • 100% Nylon
  • Tensile Strength - 45 kg
  • Mildew resistant, will not rot
  • Lightweight and extremely strong

Custom Lengths and Spools are also available - click in the "100 feet" box and select "Custom Length" from the drop down list and enter the number of feet into the quantity field (minimum 10 feet) or set length spools.

To calculate feet: just multiply the number of metres by 3.28 eg - 10 metres x 3.28 feet = approx 33 feet