FAQ - Paracord

What is paracord used for? 

Paracord can be used for lanyards, bracelets, keychains, and more, from everyday carry to emergency situations. This slim nylon rope has 7 inner strands of nylon, cabled with 2 or 3 threads which can be unravelled for many different uses. 
Originally used for suspension lines on parachutes, several military branches use Paracord due to its versatility. Astronauts even used it to help repair the Hubble Space Telescope! 

Why Is Paracord Called 550 Cord?

If you see a number before paracord, it denotes the amount of weight that cord can hold before failing. 550 cord is paracord that can hold a static 550 lbs (249kgs) . This is the most common type of paracord. It is often called Type III paracord. Not all paracord that is labeled as "550 paracord" can hold 550 lbs., however. Make sure to buy paracord from a trusted source—especially when using it for survival. 

Why do you sell only USA made Paracord?

Cams Cords sources the world to stock the best quality items, our testing shows that paracord made in the USA is the most reliable paracord.  We only use trusted suppliers from the USA that we know have stringent manufacturing processes.  While you might find cheaper paracord be wary of it living up to the claims they are making.

How Is Paracord Made? 

Paracord is made similarly to any other braided kernmantle rope. Industrial rope braiding machines take spools of nylon threads and weave them around a twisted nylon core.