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Why Buying Quality Paracord Is Important

Paracords are invaluable for survival situations. However, paracords are not all created equal. 

It is essential to choose a quality paracord. Otherwise, the cord can fray, be weak, or become unusable too quickly. Here is what makes a paracord high quality. 

Cord construction 

The construction of a paracord is what determines its strength. Each paracord consists of a braided outer sheath and an inner core with several yarns. These yarns are typically made of nylon fibres twisted together.  

If your cord is of low quality, it likely has a low number of core yarns. The problem with this is that it makes the paracord weaker. It cannot endure as much weight or stretch. 

Cheap cords aren’t worth it 

You might have seen inexpensive paracords sold on eBay or shipped from China. While these cords are more affordable, they are not usually worth the expense in the first place. 

It can be easy to cut corners when making cheap paracords. These cords can easily fray, stretch too much, or fail under pressure. 

While you may not necessarily require military grade paracords for your personal usage, it is still a good idea to avoid cheap and poorly manufactured cords. 

Quality paracords are reliable for survival situations

Many survivalists bring with them a paracord bracelet. They’re easy to carry, use, and can seriously help you out in a pinch. 

The convenience and importance of a paracord is precisely why you should ensure that your cord is of excellent quality. If you need to rig a shelter by tying branches together, it would be disastrous if the cords suddenly snapped! If you need a makeshift fishing line, a low quality paracord can get damaged and become unusable after it is submerged in water. 

Good paracords are more versatile

Since there are so many uses for paracords, they need to be adaptable to different situations. A good paracord is strong, lightweight, pleasant to grip, mildew resistant so it does not rot, and offers plenty of usability. 

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