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What Is 550 Paracord Used For?

Parachute cord, also known as 550 Paracord, paracord or just 550 cord, is extremely durable and versatile. It is great for everyday use, bush survivalist and much, much more. Here are just some of the common uses for 550 paracord. 

Paracord Survival Use

Survival situations 

550 Paracord  is famously useful for survival situations, and that’s because survivalists can make them work magic. In addition, it is  incredibly easy to carry with you. If you’re a fan of outdoor life, hunting, or just ever find yourself in the wild, paracord can help you build a shelter, catch food and even start a fire. 

Building traps

550 Paracord is extremely strong, enabling you to build makeshift items in the bushor tie them together by using paracord. You can learn to make traps with paracord for hunting, serving as trusty survival gear. Snares and stone-throwing slings can be woven from paracord. 

Preparing a fire and catching fish

Cams Cords stocks a specialist range of extreme bush survival paracord known as Fish and Fire Paracord. This paracord is rated to 250kg breaking strain and has 7 cabled inner strands along with a lightweight strand of fishing line and a strand of jute. 

Simply cut the end of the paracord and remove as much fishing line as needed and extend the length using the cabled strands. To start a fire, remove a small piece of the jute strand, crumple up and light with a flame or spark. This will help set your tinder alight.  

Managing injuries

If you are injured and need a tourniquet, paracord can also do the job. It can also help you keep in place a sling, serve as a splint… the list is endless. 

Whether you’re trekking into the wilderness, camping, hiking, or just going out in general, it’s always wise to keep a few metres of 550 paracord on you. You never know when you might need it for an emergency! 

Everyday use 

On top of survival situations that may seem more extreme to you, 550 paracord also provides an excellent utility cord for everyday use. 

Decorative 550 Paracord 

You can use paracord to create knotted or braided bracelets, lanyards, and other items such as belts and bush survival clotheslines, tent guy ropes, the list is endless. Paracord can also be used for  shoelaces. Not only will they look stylish and sleek, but they are also very durable and reliable items you can use in a pinch. All our shoelaces are handcrafted using 550 paracord.

Knot tying

If you ever need a knot tied sturdy and secure, 550 paracord  can do the trick. Having a supply of 550 paracord is also an easy way to practice your knot-tying skills. 

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