Can 550 Paracord Get Wet?

550 Paracord is extremely versatile and useful, making it a utility tool that’s great for survival situations and everyday use. That raises the question: is 550 paracord waterproof, or do they shrink when submerged under water?

Can Paracord Get Wet

What happens when 550 paracord get wet?  

Cams Cords stocks genuine USA manufactured 550 paracord in two types - 100% nylon and a polyester range. To simplify, paracord is a type of rope: that means that yes, they can get wet. They’re not waterproof and won’t deflect water droplets that splash onto them. 

However, 550 paracord is still safe to use when wet. Being wet  will not damage the paracord so it won’t have any adverse effects to the paracord’s durability. 

If you’re taking a shower or going underwater with a paracord bracelet, there’s no need to worry about the bracelet being damaged by the water. In fact, this is the easiest way to keep it clean and looking like new.

Paracord that becomes wet from water may shrink slightly, but this is not something that will prevent you from using the paracord in your desired way. 

550 Paracord is very sturdy 

If you opt for 550 paracord from Cams Cords, you’ll get a trusty paracord that is essentially all-purpose. You can use paracord to make fishing lines, paracord bracelets for survival, key fobs, zip pulls, lanyards, decorative knotting, hiking or walking stick wraps, and much, much more. 

550 paracord is  strong, even when used wet  and is mildew resistant. 

Are there special boating paracords? 

Cams Cords stocks a range of different size Australian made Marine Rope including sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm - larger diameter sizes are also available on request.. 

All our Marine rope is double braided polyester and unlike a number of other marine ropes on the market, our marine rope has a braided core providing exceptional strength, high quality and extremely abrasion resistant. 


You can use the marine rope for many applications, including: 

  • Towing
  • Sailing
  • Horse leads and halter ropes 
  • Rigging
  • Anchoring 
  • Docking

And more. Of course, you can also use the reliable marine rope for other non-boating purposes. Mud, water, sand, dirt — the marine rope from Cams Cords can conquer them all. All our marine rope is fully washable and extremely durable.

The possibilities are endless. Cams Cords has been selling Australian made marine ropes for years. If you have any questions, we are here to help you using our expertise. 

Get your paracord and rope needs today!  

Cams Cords sells high quality 550 paracord, horse ropes and marine ropes for your use. We ship anywhere in Australia and worldwide! We also sell useful paracord kits, battlecords, horse rope , marine ropes, and more in a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes. We are happy to help you pick the best rope for your particular goals and needs! 

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