QD Gun Sling swivel kit

QD Gun Sling swivel kit

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Quick Detachable 35mm Gun Sling Snap Hooks

These are perfect for rifle slings and bow slings. Quick release system with three locking points to prevent accidental opening.
Kit contains:
  • 2 x QD snap hook
  • 2 x Screw with eyelet
  • 2 x washers

The sling swivel features an all-metal, one piece body that prevents the swivel from touching the firearm, when a sling is properly installed. 
Strength and security are further enhanced with a stainless steel spring that locks the swivel to standard swivel bases. 
The quick release feature permits the quick release from and attaching onto a firearm

  • Length - 35mm
  • Width - 35mm
  • Slot size - 28mm