CLEARANCE Monkey Fist Jig - wood

CLEARANCE Monkey Fist Jig - wood

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Monkey Fist Jig - timber

This jig is made from timber. 

Jig comes unassembled to ensure the jig is not damaged in transit. Simple to put together. The round piece is double sided with a range of different hole spacings to make monkey fists in a number of sizes. Four posts are included. (Only one round piece is included - pic shows both sides of round piece)



Tools needed - nil. The jig pieces are manufactured for a tight fit and do not require screws.


  • Slide smaller rectangle piece of timber into larger timber piece with groove, ensure that hole is at the top
  • This then forms a stand that can be dismantled quickly for travelling
  • Insert bolt into the centre hole of round timber piece
  • Then insert bolt into hole on timber stand and fit wing nut
  • Insert the four posts into the holes to hold your object

The jig is super lightweight and able to be taken anywhere whether it be travelling, holidays or use it at home.