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Cameron Taylor - Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cams Cords is a small independent home based business, situated on the southside of Brisbane, designed to cater for paracordists in Australia and New Zealand. It was established in May 2012 after continual problems in getting USA paracord at a personal level.

Cams Cords recognised that there must be other Australians frustrated in getting supplies of genuine USA 550 paracord from overseas and embarked on an endeavour to establish itself as a market leader and supplier of 550 paracord.

Commencing with a colour range of 10 colours of 550 paracord, Cams Cords has now established itself in having a huge colour range of 120 colours of 550 paracord, 425 Tactical cord and 2mm Micro-paracord all here in Australia.

Cams Cords is geared to supply paracord throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, good communication and provide a stable pricing environment given the volatility of the currency fluctuations.

Cams Cords deals in genuine USA manufactured paracord due to it’s exceptional quality, strength, durability and it’s many uses.

Cams Cords is continually expanding it’s 550 paracord colour range and has commenced stocking the 425 Tactical cord and the highly versatile 2mm micro-paracord or accessory cord.

Cams Cords is dedicated to supplying paracordists, weavers, crafters, whip makers, macramé enthusiasts with a full range of colours and accessories to suit many applications.

550 paracord has been used by many to braid horse leads, bridles, reins, dog leads, dog and cat collars, survival bracelets, key lanyards, specialist security dog leads and collars, decorative bracelets, belts, rifle slings, fund raising items, medical bracelets, hammocks, whips, tow lines for remote control gliders, macramé items, knife handles, tool handles and a host of other uses.

Paracord is an extremely versatile product. Cams Cords can supply you with all your 550 paracord, 425 Tactical cord and Micro/Accessory cord, buckles, clips, beads and many more accessories all at competitive prices.

Cams Cords supplies paracord to a wide variety of organisations including scouting groups, YMCA, schools and individual crafters, braiders and weavers.

Cams Cords values each and every customer regardless of the size of your order. We ensure that all orders are dispatched within 24 hours however strive to get orders packed and posted same day as your order.

Come on, try us and put us to the test. We live and breathe paracord!!

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